Gitob's story

👋 Hi, my name is Aaron. Great to meet you.

You want to know Gitob's story? Sure! It goes back a few years. I'll keep it short, though.

I've led engineering teams for years. Managed 38 engineers in total. Onboarded a lot, too. I know you understand this: Building epic onboarding experiences has its challenges. It's all about time, something managers usually lack.

I faced this problem. I loved building teams. But with limited time, celebrating small wins was tough. Guiding new hires through a bunch of documentation? Not ideal. And onboarding in the era of remote work? Even harder.

So, I made a solution. I built Git hooks for my new hires. These hooks grew over time. They had to fit all kinds of engineers and projects. That's how Gitob was born.

Whether you're a tiny startup or a giant corporate, Gitob is here to help. It helps your new hires feel welcome and get productive faster.

Aaron Asaro, Founder
Aaron, founder of Gitob.