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Streamline your software engineer onboarding experience.

Tailor new software-engineer onboarding with customisable Git hooks deployed in their terminal. Boost productivity, accelerate integration, reduce errors. Transform your tech onboarding.

Easy set up of local environment

Take the hassle out of setting up your new software-engineer's new environment.

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Celebrate early milestones

Save yourself having to monitor the little steps your newbie takes to make sure they're onboarding smoothly.

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Contributions within policy parameters

Implement some local guardrails to help your newbie contribute within your established policy parameters. Less hassle for your team, and you. Less reading for your newbie, and fewer mistakes.

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Security practices


Gitob servers are hosted in Google's Compute Cloud and we benefit from their world class security practices.

Local code

Gitob runs as a locally installed binary. The binary is written in Rust. Rust is well known for its speed, safety and reliability. This means that when it's deployed it gives a safe, reliable outcome. In addition the binary can run without a network connection and is heavily optimised for superb performance.


Gitob is carefully written to ensure that absolutely no sensitive IP will ever leave the host machine. We are strong advocates of a person's right to privacy and this guides our product decisions and software architecture.